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January 29, 2007

Handbuilding Class, January 30


We will be using the BIG EXTRUDER in this class. Be ready with IDEAS. We will select, as a class, which extruder shape (tube, square, bloated triangle. . .) to use. Be ready to build a box, a bowl, a tray, a funky weird sculpture, a wild and beautiful birdhouse, a "what the heck is that" thingie or something else.

Facts about the BIG EXTRUDER:

  • It sucks up almost 50 pounds of clay (TWO BAGS!!!) before it starts pushing anything out.
  • Crappy air filled clay in, Air free clay out! (note: may have some holes where the air was)
  • Need to clean this puppy out between clay bodies, at the end of the class
  • Caution: may result in addiction, use with caution
  • Can build boxes and tubes FAST!!!!!!!
This class should be a lot of fun. Ask students from a previous class about our balloon stuffing technique!

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